Metal Detectors

Please browse below to see a part of our wide range of available metal detectors. We have a metal detector for you, whether you are an old hand or a novice!  If you are an explorer in the Capital Region or Adirondacks of New York, please stop by the store or give us a call at 518-793-9210 to learn more about White’s Metal Detectors.  For purchasing information and general inquiries about any of our products, please contact us.

Model: M6
Parks, playgrounds, yards- even the beach. Here is a high-performance metal detector that will find coins and jewelry in all kinds of ground conditions. Just 3 controls makes it incredibly easy to use!
Model: TDI-SL
Lightweight pulse power designed for prospecting and relic hunting.
Model: BeachHunter 300
Ignores trash and detects the treasure in and out of the water. Identify targets on one of the color-coded LED’s.
Model: Surf Dual Field
Turn-on-and-go ease with extreme depth and sensitivity, even in the worst beach sands.
Model: GMT
The GMT Metal Detector simplifies the tough task of ignoring the harsh ground minerals found in gold-bearing areas. Whether you’re brand new to searching for gold, or own another metal detector, the GMT™ metal detector raises the standard for electronic prospecting.
Model: MXT
A versatile high performance detector that’s as comfortable hunting for coins in the park as it is relic hunting an old battle site. Plus, it’s designed by prospectors for the tough task of finding gold.MXT combines easy operation with all the performance and versatility you need to find coins, rings and jewelry, relics, and gold nuggets.
Model: DFX 300
DFX is legendary in it’s ability to find treasure; older deeper, smaller items that other detectors pass over.DFX brings together sophisticated microprocessor technology, and turn-on-and-go simplicity. You’re out hunting right away, but there are plenty of feature and adjustments, too.
Model: Coinmaster
White’s most affordable detector – with treasure-finding features like Target I.D. and Depth Reading. Perfect for beginners!
Model: Coinmaster Pro
Very similar to the Coinmaster above, but with even more upscale features, all at a great price!Coinmaster Pro is designed for the cost-concious treasure hunter who wants a “real” metal detector.
Model: Coinmaster GT
The Coinmaster GT is an easy-to-use metal detector with features and performance rivaling more expensive models. The Coinmaster GT has automatic ground tracking which maximizes performance across many different ground conditions.
Model: Spectra V3i
V3i is equipped with plenty of new treasure-finding features including wireless headphones, HD color display, and an array of languages just to name a few. These are sure to make your hunting more fun than ever.V3i users are digging older, deeper coins, relics and jewelry, in places hunted time and time with other top of the line metal detectors!
Model: VX3
If you want the top-of-the-line metal detector, and you’d rather have only the most asked-for adjustments, leave the rest to the VX3.The VX3’s goal is simple: a high-performance detector that’s as simple to use as a bank ATM. Here it is. The proven Spectra platform. With 8 hunting programs, and the essential adjustments like audio discrimination, and sensitivity.Just turn it on and you’re off hunting.